Liberty Music PR is an independent digital publicity company launched  properly at the end of May 2016. Founded by Bee Adamic, Bee’s experience spans over 7 years from managing signed artists, curating successful stages at festivals to taking on music editorial positions for a number of major music websites. Liberty Music PR’s true passion is promoting the artist and their music and giving them the recognition they deserve.

Whilst managing a band back in 2015, Bee appointed a big London based PR agency to work on their EP campaign. The results were really disappointing, so utilising her own music press connections she took it upon herself to gather more online PR for them and achieved fantastic results. So it was here Liberty Music PR was born, you could say it was a completely organic process.

We deliver bespoke and creative online campaigns with a reputation for close consultation with the artist and management at every stage. We work with artists from all stages of their careers, from emerging hype to established acts on major and independent labels across single, EP and full album campaigns.

We are uniquely placed to do this, drawing on our positive relationships with key people across the music media. Our relationship with brands is growing all the time.

We can even run an ‘introducing’ campaign for any artist/band with no specific release, who need to build and develop their online profile. We are also excellent at organising launch parties for releases, given our background in live event curating.

Feel free to get in touch whether you’re a debut releasing artist, or fully established looking for a fresh angle. The key factor is we must love what you do, in order for us to represent you honestly / successfully / passionately. We are not genre specific. We just need to love your vibe.

Bee Adamic