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Meet the Team

Bee Adamic


Favorite Album

‘Our Love’ by Caribou

I remember hearing this album for the first time, I was on a balcony in Croatia and the sun was coming up.

Adam Al-Hilali

Co Founder

Favorite Album

‘Blonde’ by Frank Ocean

It was super refreshing, so many layers of vocals and instrumentation. An intriguing record, that kinda just got me and made me feel excited to be an artist.

Sarah Puttock

Head Of Services

Favorite Album

'Silent Alarm' by Bloc Party

After hearing Bloc Party, I immediately wanted to find out who this band was and how I could listen to more of their music. Their album 'Silent Alarm' has a frenetic energy that I'd never heard before and Kele's vocals on this album still blow me away to this day. I have memories of moshing to their music, as I spent way too many Tuesday nights at The Gloucester in Brighton in 2005. It was also the year my now husband and I got together and our first date was watching them play Somerset House as the sun went down.

Lily Batten

Senior Publicist

Favorite Album

'For All We Know' By Nao

She's got such a distinctive voice, that comes across so well on recording and live performance. I love how she combines pretty abstract electronic sounds in a way I hadn't heard before.

Aveen Clarke

Streaming Executive

Favorite Album

'Emily's D+ Evolution' by Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding is an incredible bassist, mainly from a contemporary jazz background. This particular album is like nothing I've ever heard before! Awesome guitar riffs, incredible vocals, messages of freedom & power all in a rock/funk fusion style!

Sam Winter

Streaming Executive

Favorite Album

'Random Access Memories' by Daft Punk

This album revived the golden age of production. They spent 4 years and over a million dollars on this masterpiece and it really shows in the details.

Ted Hopkins

Streaming Assistant

Favorite Album

'Isolation' by Kali Uchis

The album just sounds incredible. The production is flawless and sounds are so beautiful they almost seem satirical behind harsh subject matter of Kali’s lyrics. I’ve always loved albums that take you on a journey, and Isolation did it perfectly.

Tyler Gibb

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'I'm Your Man' Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has an incredible talent of combining songwriting/Storytelling with such intelligence. I love how the album encapsulates the sounds of the 80's with his unique songwriting styles

Jonathan Oh

A&R Assistant

Favorite Album

'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' By M83

A ridiculously well crafted album of 22 songs with each one telling a story. Expressive vocals, bold 80s synths and beats, cinematic song progressions. M83's music is filled to the brim with emotion and every track immerses you in this world he's created. It's music that's been with me through highs and lows and is by far my favourite artist of all time!

Dan Williams

A&R Assistant

Favorite Album

'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket' Blink 182

It was a 50/50 split between this and Enema Of The State as my number one album, however this album to me is Blink at their prime; Pop-Punk with finesse, intelligence and a healthy dose of humour - no artist in this genre will ever be able to touch TOYPAJ. This album cemented Blink as one of my all-time favourite bands, and perfectly summarises why they influence everything I do in a musical capacity.