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Meet the Team

Bee Adamic


Favorite Album

‘Our Love’ by Caribou

I remember hearing this album for the first time, I was on a balcony in Croatia and the sun was coming up.

Adam Al-Hilali

Co Founder

Favorite Album

‘Blonde’ by Frank Ocean

It was super refreshing, so many layers of vocals and instrumentation. An intriguing record, that kinda just got me and made me feel excited to be an artist.

Lily Batten

Senior Publicist

Favorite Album

'For All We Know' By Nao

She's got such a distinctive voice, that comes across so well on recording and live performance. I love how she combines pretty abstract electronic sounds in a way I hadn't heard before.

Aveen Clarke

Streaming Executive

Favorite Album

'Emily's D+ Evolution' by Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding is an incredible bassist, mainly from a contemporary jazz background. This particular album is like nothing I've ever heard before! Awesome guitar riffs, incredible vocals, messages of freedom & power all in a rock/funk fusion style!

Sam Winter

Streaming Executive

Favorite Album

'Random Access Memories' by Daft Punk

This album revived the golden age of production. They spent 4 years and over a million dollars on this masterpiece and it really shows in the details.

Ted Hopkins

Streaming Assistant

Favorite Album

'Isolation' by Kali Uchis

The album just sounds incredible. The production is flawless and sounds are so beautiful they almost seem satirical behind harsh subject matter of Kali’s lyrics. I’ve always loved albums that take you on a journey, and Isolation did it perfectly.

J.M. Gernale

PR & Marketing Intern

Favorite Album

'STN MTN / Kauai' By Childish Gambino

It's such a chill mixtape, all the tracks flow so seamlessly into each other regardless of what order you play them in, and each time it narrates a different version of the story. Gotta love the soulful basslines and Bino's velvety voice. It's an album to start the day and end the night with.

Mariana Carr

Head of A&R

Favorite Album

'Like a Virgin' by Madonna

One of the first albuns I've ever listened to. It kicked out my passion for music and helped me realise I could be or do anything. It has inspired me as a woman to not be afraid of pursuing my dreams and expressing myself!

Fienna Lai

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'Ctrl' By SZA

Since first discovering 'Ctrl', it has since been my go-to album and I never get tired of listening to it. Her conscious songwriting and storytelling paired with her soulful vocals makes it the perfect sing-along R&B album.

Josh Abraham


Favorite Album

'Rumours' by Fleetwood Mac

This album is the reason I got into music. I have the 'Go Your Own Way' music sheet tattooed on my left arm. Rumours is one of my favourite albums of all time, the guitar solos, the emotion, the production quality, it's got me through tough times and makes me smile, everything about it is perfect.

Amelia Stranger

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'Wish' by The Cure

This is the first album I was introduced to when I was little, and was the album that sparked my interest in music. The Cure have helped me a lot, and have been a massive inspiration through my music studies and career!

Noor Ayoub

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'Stress' by Seppa

With half time, you get the best of both worlds of a cross over of dnb which is half the speed, with hip-hop elements and samples, which is what I love about Seppa's production and mastering. Gritty, raw and serious swagness, you can't help but have a cheeky grin on your face and toe tap to his infectious beats. I love working out to this album, it really gets you pumped for the day!

John Huskie

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'Midnight Organ Fight' by Frightened Rabbit

This is one of the best Scottish albums of the 00’s and one of the most influential albums in my life. It means a lot to me and so many other people, it really is a lifeline for a lot of people. The words are beautiful and honest, it’s an album to get lost in and something I hold really close to my heart.

Matthew Sweeting

A&R Intern

Favorite Album

'Insides' by John Hopkins

Insides really changed the way I approach and listen to music. This album really amalgamates a plethora of genre, taking you on a journey through some of the most ambient scenes all the way through to heavy glitchy madness. By exploring a variety of soundscapes, he captures a range of emotion throughout its instrumental narrative.

Marlon Perrin

A&R Intern

Favorite Album

'To Pimp a Butterfly' by Kendrick Lamar

Hip-hop doesn't get any better than this album for me. The intricate wordplay on top of impeccably produced beats, emotional stories, and the overarching theme hooked me right from the first play.