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Meet the Team

Bee Adamic


Favorite Album

‘Our Love’ by Caribou

I remember hearing this album for the first time, I was on a balcony in Croatia and the sun was coming up.

Adam Al-Hilali

Co Founder

Favorite Album

‘Blonde’ by Frank Ocean

It was super refreshing, so many layers of vocals and instrumentation. An intriguing record, that kinda just got me and made me feel excited to be an artist.

Mariana Carr

Head of A&R

Favorite Album

'Like a Virgin' by Madonna

One of the first albuns I've ever listened to. It kicked out my passion for music and helped me realise I could be or do anything. It has inspired me as a woman to not be afraid of pursuing my dreams and expressing myself!

Charmaine McCartney

Head of Talent

Favorite Album

'These Streets' by Paolo Nutini

This is my go-to feel-good album, These Streets is soulful and the album reflects his gift for expressing real-life occurrences, from moving hours to bad relationships. Paolo relates to every aspect of life and can always be relied upon when you need a break from real life.

Lily Batten

Head Of Services

Favorite Album

'For All We Know' By Nao

She's got such a distinctive voice, that comes across so well on recording and live performance. I love how she combines pretty abstract electronic sounds in a way I hadn't heard before.

Sam Winter

Playlisting Manager

Favorite Album

'Random Access Memories' by Daft Punk

This album revived the golden age of production. They spent 4 years and over a million dollars on this masterpiece and it really shows in the details.

Aveen Clarke

Playlisting Executive

Favorite Album

'Emily's D+ Evolution' by Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding is an incredible bassist, mainly from a contemporary jazz background. This particular album is like nothing I've ever heard before! Awesome guitar riffs, incredible vocals, messages of freedom & power all in a rock/funk fusion style!

Ted Hopkins

Playlisting Executive

Favorite Album

'Isolation' by Kali Uchis

The album just sounds incredible. The production is flawless and sounds are so beautiful they almost seem satirical behind harsh subject matter of Kali’s lyrics. I’ve always loved albums that take you on a journey, and Isolation did it perfectly.

Jessica McCarrick

Playlisting Assistant

Favorite Album

'Get To Heaven' by Everything Everything

A refreshing blend of genres, unique falsettos and tracks that tread the line between bubbly and devastating. What results is a conceptual record displaying courage in tackling progressive subject matter, leaving me in a state of existential ponderance - but ready to dance - after every listen.

Benjamin Aigle

Playlisting Assistant

Favorite Album

'Viva La Vida' by Coldplay

The adventurous production of Brian Eno, put together with Chris Martin's songwriting and the band's flair makes for Viva La Vida to be a singular masterpiece in my opinion.

Oliver Green

Junior Playlisting Assistant

Favorite Album

'Racine Carrée' by Stromae

I used to listen to this album to help learn French at school, and ever since then it's stuck with me as a masterclass in pop.

Bryony Holdsworth

Senior Publicist

Favorite Album

'Chris' by Christine & The Queens

Her swaggering second album touches on sexual liberation, mental health and female agency as she puts herself at the centre of every single track. I saw her perform at All Points East in 2019 and it has been one of my most unforgettable gigs - she's intoxicating to watch!

Wardah Sempa


Favorite Album

‘Beyonce’ By Beyonce

I don’t think there is a single song I wouldn’t listen to on that album. She’s such an amazing artist and pretty much makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

Jordan Milber


Favorite Album

'Late Registration' by Kanye West

I hate having to pick my favourite album but this is probably the closest. Everything captured on there from the sampling to the soulful instrumentation is just so timeless. The systemic issues Kanye chose to touch on seemed so organic and almost instinctual too, something I can't say still rings true today.

Fienna Lai

Brand Executive

Favorite Album

'Ctrl' By SZA

Since first discovering 'Ctrl', it has since been my go-to album and I never get tired of listening to it. Her conscious songwriting and storytelling paired with her soulful vocals makes it the perfect sing-along R&B album.

Amelia Stranger

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'Wish' by The Cure

This is the first album I was introduced to when I was little, and was the album that sparked my interest in music. The Cure have helped me a lot, and have been a massive inspiration through my music studies and career!

Marlon Perrin

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'To Pimp a Butterfly' by Kendrick Lamar

Hip-hop doesn't get any better than this album for me. The intricate wordplay on top of impeccably produced beats, emotional stories, and the overarching theme hooked me right from the first play.

Noor Ayoub

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'Stress' by Seppa

With half time, you get the best of both worlds of a cross over of dnb which is half the speed, with hip-hop elements and samples, which is what I love about Seppa's production and mastering. Gritty, raw and serious swagness, you can't help but have a cheeky grin on your face and toe tap to his infectious beats. I love working out to this album, it really gets you pumped for the day!

Leonie Rasch

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'19' by Adele

After I listened to this album, I know that I can do anything, even if my name is not Adele. This album lets her personality shine through in an honest way and empowers me and I am sure other women as well, that vulnerability is a strength.

John Huskie

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

'Midnight Organ Fight' by Frightened Rabbit

This is one of the best Scottish albums of the 00’s and one of the most influential albums in my life. It means a lot to me and so many other people, it really is a lifeline for a lot of people. The words are beautiful and honest, it’s an album to get lost in and something I hold really close to my heart.

James Dando

A&R Executive

Favorite Album

‘Whatever People Say I Am That Is What I Am Not’ by Arctic Monkeys

Every song is perfectly written, it might as well be single after single. Showing a generation that no matter where you are from, how old you are, what your influences are, your music can be music for the masses.

Michael Laxman


Favorite Album

'Slipknot' By Slipknot

The band were like my family as a kid; I got bullied loads in school, they helped me get tough fast.

Alfie Wales

Social Media Manager & Podcast Producer

Favorite Album

'What You Don't See' by The Story So Far

I discover this band back in my college days, and this album has stuck with me since. To me there is no album that makes me feel better than this does.