Bee Adamic


Favorite Album

‘Is This It’ by The Strokes

It was a renaissance of a sound that was very much needed during the noughties. It was nothing less than an 11-song fireball that showed The Strokes to be musicians with a real artistic vision. And a sense of humor; the record’s title is a nice wink at the staggering hype.

Adam Al-Hilali


Favorite Album

‘Blonde’ by Frank Ocean

It was super refreshing, so many layers of vocals and instrumentation. An intriguing record, that kinda just got me and made me feel excited to be an artist.

Sarah Puttock

Senior Publicist

Favorite Album

'Silent Alarm' by Bloc Party

After hearing Bloc Party, I immediately wanted to find out who this band was and how I could listen to more of their music. Their album 'Silent Alarm' has a frenetic energy that I'd never heard before and Kele's vocals on this album still blow me away to this day. I have memories of moshing to their music, as I spent way too many Tuesday nights at The Gloucester in Brighton in 2005. It was also the year my now husband and I got together and our first date was watching them play Somerset House as the sun went down.

Jenna Jarrett


Favorite Album

‘Exodus’ by Bob Marley & The Wailers

I grew up listening to reggae, soul and r&b. I remember seeing The Wailers perform at Bestival and it had been raining most of the day. They performed ‘Three Little Birds’ and the sun started to appear, everyone was singing along and it was just such an incredible experience of music uniting everyone.

Robin Fulton


Favorite Album

‘808s & Heartbreak’ by Kanye West

I grew up only listening to punk rock and metal, and this is the first album to have a significant impact on me after pursuing a broader taste in music which invariably enriched my life, leading me down a path to where I am right now.

Daniel Seccombe

A&R Manager

Favorite Album

‘Sleepify’ by Vulfpeck

The release does not contain any audible music. It’s made up of ten 30-second-long tracks of silence. The album was uploaded to Spotify, where the band encouraged fans to play the album on a loop while they slept. In turn, royalties from the playing of each track on the "album" were to be used to crowdfund a free concert tour by the band. Genius.

James Innes

A&R Scout

Favorite Album

‘Back In Black’ by AC/DC

I can remember the time and place I first heard the title track and it knocked my socks off! It was this album that really made made want to pick up a guitar and write my own music. It’s all killer and no filler!

Marilyn Reles

A&R Scout (LA)

Favorite Album

‘Tragic Kingdom’ by No Doubt

When I was a teenager, I found female fronted bands to be super empowering. Gwen Stefani in particular inspired me to express myself creatively and every song on that album is just amazing. Front to back, it's definitely a classic.

Aveen Clarke

Streaming Executive

Favorite Album

'Emily's D+ Evolution' by Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding is an incredible bassist, mainly from a contemporary jazz background. This particular album is like nothing I've ever heard before! Awesome guitar riffs, incredible vocals, messages of freedom & power all in a rock/funk fusion style!

Christian Jones

Streaming Assistant

Favorite Album

'By the Way' by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

When I first picked up a guitar this was the album that truly inspired me. It opened me up to so many different genres and styles of music and from the first time I heard it I was completely hooked.

Amellia Brown

Business Development Executive

Favorite Album

'Tawk Tomahawk' by Hiatus Kaiyote

I completely lose myself in this album and Nai Palm's pure talent echoes throughout. I love her songwriting and her cryptic lyrics. Also the Jazzy beat that takes you on a journey throughout, at points into uncomfortable pockets and melodies that don't sound like they quite fit. I also really love her story and feel this resinates with a lot of people which is important to me when listening to music. Her care free quirky fashion and fantastic artwork completes a real feel good easy listen!

Jasmine Somers

Influencer Marketing Executive

Favorite Album

'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars' by David Bowie

This was the first album my dad bought me at about age 7 and I was completely addicted. I loved the story of Ziggy Stardust from start to finish, this alien-like visit to earth ultimately leading to death, it felt very theatrical and powerful. My favorite song on the album is Moonage Daydream, 'keep your electric eyes on me babe' is a lyric that has always stuck in my head. I also wrote my personal statement for University on Bowie, he was the reason I wanted to study fashion.