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By targeting appropriate local and global genre-specific playlist editors to ensure that your track is in the best place to attract attention from the right audiences.

We pitch to several of Spotify’s major editorial playlists* with followers ranging from 40k-2.5 million. We also have over 1000 independent Spotify playlist curators that we pitch to including relationships with key independent music and fashion playlist curators.

Press / Blogs
Blogs trigger the Neuro-Linguistic Programming part of the Spotify algorithm. It picks up the blog context about similar artists and the movement / song hype.

Metadata / Spotify for Artists
We optimize artist profiles and metadata to link specific audiences with the artist.

We select tags for new releases in order to attract attention to the algorithm.



Check our in-house playlists, please give us a follow and be sure to check them out as they are updated every week:

*Editorial playlists are created by Spotify’s Shows & Editorial teams, tracks are handpicked by genre/mood-specific experts.
Independent playlists are user generated, these include in-store playlists, record label playlists, blog playlists etc.