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“Debut single Crackling On The Wire sounds ambitious in a Kraftwerk-kinda way are rife as Johanna shows off her multi-lingual approach to vocal proceedings”

Inspired by the German poem The Erlking, the duo Fröst debut single ‘Crackling On The Wire’ tells a ghostly and dreamy tale partly in French and partly in English.

Fröst  is a collaboration between Franco-Swedish sound artist Johanna Bramli (vocalist for Stereolab offshoot Imitation Electric Piano) and Fujiya & Miyagi’s synth player and producer Steve Lewis. Combining their individual sounds, they create a hypnotic blend of radiophonics and repetition that’s all neatly wrapped in pop structures.

Released from the emerging record label Lost Room Records, the video to their debut single ‘Crackling On The Wire’. The video places the viewer in arcane environments, where the camera shots capture the magic of seeing life through a kaleidoscope. Visually organic and mystical similar to the story of the Erlking, Fröst desired that the video had to convey much of the similar prosthetics used in their soundtrack.

Crackling on the Wire brings together Fröst’s influences of the cold and icy Nordic landscapes, minimal synths lines, motorik beats and psychedelic vocals. Johanna’s haunting Warpaint like vocals combine with evolving and vivid synth soundscapes, think Radiohead and Kraftwerk. When three of their colourful textures collaborate they merge into a spellbinding fusion, that’s as transparent as white.