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“Her music has been relatable to many people, to the point where her home country, Ireland, never stops talking about her – neither do her ever-growing worldwide fanbase.” – FAME

Raised on a strong diet of empowering 90s pop such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, Dublin-based artist Aimée was always keen to look beyond the glossy pop production in search of the more meaningful lyrics within. She now looks to establish herself as a strong contender with the release of her

debut single ‘Don’t Bother’.


Originally trained as a dancer, the naturally talented vocalist was quick to learn the pop ropes, working her way through the guitar-band dominated sound of her surroundings to find the voice she had been looking for. Teaming up with producer Richey McCourt, the pair conjured up a delightfully catchy pop nugget that gives a whole new dimension to the break-up song. Rather than playing the victim, she opts for a more powerful and confident position, channelling the recent attitude of fellow artists like Ariana Grande.