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Drawing from love, loss, heartache and time spent in the grey haze of London, ARK writes with enthralling honesty, bringing in ethereal electronics and wistful piano notes to provide the backdrop for her melancholy melody and lush falsetto vocals. Born Music

British artist ARK looks set to continue building on the early success of her first two singles with the release of her next single ‘Over & Over’ on 4th May 2018. Her debut track, “Made for Us”, released in November 2017, quickly went on to achieve over one million plays on Spotify and continues to grow.

BBC Introducing Solent and ‘The South’ have shown strong support; both of ARK’s first two singles were featured as their “Track of the Week”, and were also included on numerous streaming playlists throughout Europe. Gaining the attention of many industry players ARK went on to appoint Coda’s Nick Matthews and Jess Kinn as her booking agents. Selected performances are planned and includes the Latitude Festival this year. ARK has already played support to acts such as Alex Vargas, Oscar and the Wolf, and James Gillespie.

As the evolution of ARK’s soundscape continues to reveal itself through this latest single, fans will hear a fuller drum sound accompanying some serious hooks and melodies that won’t leave you alone. Its delivery is bold and strong in support of the lyrical themes. The track was co-written with Edd Holloway and Dan Bartlet and ARK explains the song writing by saying: “Over and Over was simply written about being excluded and left out by someone who thinks they’re better than you. Sometimes we can admire people and fall at their feet for their talents or success, regardless of how good of a person they are. This song is about doing everything for somebody, and the realisation that they haven’t been doing the same for you. It’s a confrontation, a closure and a discovery of self-worth.”

Looking ahead, ARK is constantly writing and is prolific in creating new songs. Most notably she has recently spent time in Norway working with Odd Martin (Aurora, Sigrid) on new material which is much anticipated. 2018 looks to be quite a year for this artist as more releases are planned.