“Vocals from David Maddox Jones and music/co-production by Raife Hacking plus production and mixing by Yoad Nevo make for an excellent hybrid of electronic pop”
The Independent

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God Is In The TV


Our Spotify Achievements:

Spotify Spain’s De Camino (400,000 followers)
Spotify Japan’s Drive Loud

The track also featured in the Top 20 in Spotify’s Viral 50 in Spain


Born Stranger is Maddox-Jones’ British vocal & Raife’s dynamic, powerful and fresh cutting-edge production. Their producer is Yoad Nevo, keyboard and production whizz kid.

Born Stranger are inspired by pop music with a deeper layer, a hidden darkness. They draw inspiration from many of their favourite Artists; Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode right through to The Weeknd & Sia. A great pop song speaks to every one of us and resonates because it expresses our most human desires and makes sense of the world, creating a shared experience.

The pop sound and hooks are undeniable, as is the accessibility of the lyrics and sound in general. A good slice of pop for those looking for something that is familiar yet also forward-looking.