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“Cape Cub’s music goes straight for the gut. Emotional, no-strings-attached giants are penned in spades, and first step ‘Closer’ suggests he’s going straight for the charts.”


“.. cape cub, he once again showcases his natural flair for crafting romantic lyricism with rousing melodies.”

tmrw magazine

Having accumulated huge numbers of plays across streaming platforms with his previous self-released tracks – as well as over 1,000,000 listeners on Mr Suicide Sheep’s YouTube channel for the outstanding ‘Keep Me In Mind’ – emerging artist Cape Cub returns with ‘Flowers’ on 8th September, the first in a series of three singles for LAB Records.

A dreamy, hook-laden song about overcoming fear through the strong bond of a loving relationship, Chad Male, the producer and artist behind Cape Cub, once again showcases his natural flair for uplifting and rousing melodies.

“In 2017, I’ve gone through some of the best and some of the most painful experiences of my life. The making of this new music and the writing of these words has been hugely cathartic, and that’s exactly what Flowers is to me. It embodies a complete release of emotion” explained Chad.

After gaining critical acclaim from the Closer and 6am EPs last year – two releases deeply influenced by the dynamics of heading into his twenties and Male’s personal attachment to his hometown of Marske-by-the-Sea on the North East coast – Flowers is an optimistic and assuring sign of the music that is yet to come from Cape Cub, having been holed away in his North East studio working on new material during the first half of 2017.