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Chow Mane

Like a top chef, Bay Area rapper and producer Chow Mane is known for his diverse, unorthodox, but carefully crafted art. Sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter (but always tasty), the flavors in Chow Mane’s music range from psychedelic and melodic to gritty and raw. Chow Mane combines infectious delivery, playful vocals, and complete soundscapes to create a fine balance between West Coast hip-hop and experimental pop. His first independent album, SIMMERING, is set to release.

Chow Mane’s 2017 debut EP, Mooncakes, has been considered a landmark release in Asian-American hip-hop. A string of subsequent singles ranging from lo-fi R&B to bouncy trap have solidified Chow as a refreshing, versatile artist and has seen support by the likes of such heavyweight tastemakers as EARMILK, HypeBeast and HipHopDX.

Sorry is the perfect example of Chow Mane’s ever-evolving and nuanced versatility. An exposée of the breadth of his talents, the upbeat summery energy is brought into perfect balance by mature and melancholic storytelling that easily engrosses the listener into a relatable and pensive moment.

Speaking to the motivation behind Sorry, Chow Mane shares:

People really like my more personal songs, so in ‘Sorry’ I opened up about a relationship I once had with a female friend. Lush and ornate production from multi-instrumentalist oksami really brings out the bright and colourful but underlying sadness of the whole situation. The production is dynamic enough where, even though the vocals are the main focal point telling the story, they’re also more of like an integrated layer in a whole soundscape that moves and shifts and evolves.