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Santa Monica based rap artist DEVMO breaks through the glass ceiling of rap music with her fluid flow and sharp attitude, shirking any typical rap stereotype as a petite redhead. Her lyrics address social awareness, and with combining melodic choruses with fast paced rapping it’s clear she’s found a niche that works. The past 6 months has seen an exponential growth of DEVMO’s following due to her recurrent presence in the underground hip hop world and consistent social media engagement.


Her skill has earned her the recognition of some big names in the industry, having recently placed second in Usher’s MegaStar competition and winning last year’s TeamBackPack’s Mission Underground New York out of 2400 people, the video of which proceeded to go viral. She’s performed at Dinah Shore, Girls in Wonderland, SF Pride’s woman’s stage and many other LGBT events across the country including touring internationally with LGBT artist Angel Haze in 2016. Her music has seen wide support online as well including the likes of Flame Magazine, True Magazine, UnderGround Hip Hop Blog and many more.


It’s all eyes on her with Hollywood, a tongue in cheek summation of the cut throat industry in the titular neighbourhood. The track focuses on her distinctive voice, building on it’s simple contemporary production with DEVMO’s multifaceted style to dictate the sections of the song – you get the attitude laden rapped verses that navigate seamlessly into the syrupy sweet harmonised tones of the chorus, displaying the expanse of her skill.

On the motivation behind the single, DEVMO states “Hollywood sums up with chaos that you’re confronted with when you arrive in the center of entertainment. I never understood why people would move to Hollywood who aren’t pursuing something in the arts.