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“Karim’s music puts him square in a space of musical poetry and high-level ballad work.” – EARMILK

Karim is the solo electro-pop project of singer, songwriter, and producer Karim Afas. Born in Florence, Italy in 1997, Karim was raised among his family’s Catholic values and the study of ancient languages and theatre. After his move to the UK, Karim’s adolescent love of literature, drama and visual arts soon blossomed into the pursuit of his own artistic career.

Inspired by the theatrical pop of David Bowie, and following the honest soulfulness of Sampha and Tobias Jesso Jr., Karim’s music places his mellow quest for poetry on an imperfect, vibrant Warholian landscape.  In fact, strip the songs from their contemporary but distant sounding 808s and you’ll find a stunning confessional ballad hiding beneath every one of them, allowing you to while through his danceable outbursts of melancholy.

Following the launch of his debut EP Waking On a Stranger’s Bed in 2017, which attracted the interest of major label A&R’s, Karim soon released his single Give Me a Way in 2018. The song quickly escalated in the Italian iTunes Top 100 and was followed by a string of live shows across the UK and Italy.

Karim shares Dance, an emotionally charged alt-pop lament that addresses the complexities of modern love, with his vocals wash over you with each cadence, sweeping you under the tide of the palpable mood. An upbeat alt-pop instrumental brings the energy into balance and Karim is clearly in complete control of his pensive vision.

Speaking on the motivation behind Dance, Karim shares:

“’Dance’ is the love, pop song I’ve always wanted to write and then sing at the top of my lungs. It’s gloomy yet so vivid, it celebrates a triumph filled with melancholy – ‘Dance’, among other things, is a song about the fickleness of love and life.

And on the visuals:

“The video is one big part of the vision. I remember when I was younger and found a new song, I’d always watch its video and think of it as a part of the music itself. We put a lot of hard work into this exactly because of this reason. We aimed for these visuals to be exactly coherent and complementary to the track while adding a new, subtle storyline. And I’m very proud of the result, it’s very cool”.