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Born in old Cabrini green, Northside Chicago is a rap artist and entrepreneur, KnowledgeBoy. KnowledgeBoy lived around precarious street activity until he was nine. His mom being a single mom, decided to move to Minneapolis, to have a fresh start.
KnowledgeBoy had to leave college and follow his dreams. He grew up around music his whole life. This earned him street credibility and also serves as an inspiration to his music. He imbibes his experience between the lines talking about the rough streets he grew up on, rapping about all the easy and tough times, his present situation and where it seems his future is leading him. KnowledgeBoy had the opportunity to exhibit his talent twice in shut-up and rap with go 95.3 radio station and dropped his first album.
KnowledgeBoy has traveled all over Europe, having the chance to live in Germany, preparing more music and going through the streets of Amsterdam creating new ideas. His mission statement is and will remain love people first, and everything else will handle itself.