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“17-year-old singer and producer, Loveday from the Midlands, UK is a new and fresh face to music.” – EARMILK

Loveday is a 17-year-old singer and producer from the Midlands bringing with her a lo-fi, electro-pop sound that is influenced by the honest day-to-day life experiences of a girl her age—first love, friendships, adventure, and growing up in the world.

Loveday’s debut single, “Close” is a perfect encapsulation of this— straight-up lyrics coupled with an honest yet forward-thinking production from her continual collaborator, John Donovan.  Together, the pair allow Loveday’s halcyon and smooth voice to beam clearly through the track. The final product is genuine and uncompromised both in its musical content and sonic quality.

Speaking on her debut single, Loveday shares, “Close” all came from this really to the point chorus lyric that I think every girl my age has experienced—when you’re just in this moment with someone and ‘that’s it’. I spent ages trying to rephrase it, but then I realized that it’s powerful to be so straight-up, so we just cut everything out and just stacked multiple tracks of me singing the lyric pitched in different ways. It’s like a mini-anthem to just being true to yourself, being unafraid to say how you really feel and to just let go a bit’.