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Milo Bank$

Milo Bank$ is a London Based hip hop artist, coming out of a small island called Malta.

Previously known as ‘CHEF’, Milo started off his music career in 2017 releasing projects titled ‘Liquid Thoughts’, ‘Purple Moon’ and ‘UNKWN’ up until early 2020.

After a period of silence, a newly rebranded Milo Bank$ made his entry back into the scene with his most recent release ‘Dancing With My Demons’, a 5 track EP featuring artists such as ‘Sam Christie’, ‘JC.B’ and ‘Chris Vella’.

Chris, a long time collaborator on many of Milo’s projects, is the sole producer on their up and coming EP, called ‘Sonder’.

Sonder, the realisation that every single passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own. The project is set to represent the first time the two of them put their heads together, to come up with something that could perfectly project the times that they were going through.

With COVID present, it’s been harder than ever to be a striving up and coming artist, as that’s a field which took one of the biggest hits when the wave came.

The sounds on the project are set to represent the rollercoaster of emotions, along with the stories that caused them. Sonder, is an experience.