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Neon Dreams

“A track centered around the power of positive thinking, it has all the elements that make Neon Dreams successful; a well-told story, a beautiful melody and emotions that tug at the heartstrings.” – FMS Magazine

In 2019, Canadian alt-pop duo Neon Dreams, consisting of vocalist Frank Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris, explored their full potential for making music that comforts people, giving the listeners some much-needed solace in a world that seldom provides it. Drawn from Kadillac’s own experiences of a troubling childhood, this new musical perspective culminated in the form of the duo’s debut album ‘Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams’

The album – which included songs like uplifting anthem ‘High School Dropout’ as well as cathartic title track  ‘Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams’ –  was the result of Kadillac’s search to find his own voice and discover his power as a songwriter, and it became was the beginning of a new chapter for Neon Dreams. Carrying forward their aim to heal and empower their listeners into 2020, the duo is set for the release of brand-new song, ‘Turn Back Now’.


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