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Clean elegance and dazzling peace of mind: in this tone, NEWMEN answer the question of originality in postmodernism. ‘Soft Ware’ (to be released May 4th), the second longplayer and a fourth release of the band from Frankfurt am Main, serves unpretentiously complex compositions between Wave, Krautrock and Pop. In collaboration with the producer Elias Förster (Sea Moya, Still Parade), a smooth-running album has emerged that persists in the idea – or the illusion? – plays around the new. Retromania and Neomanie, analogue and digital, backwards and forwards – this album makes opposites blur with relish and opens up a new viewing angle with each of their 13 tracks.

Ahead of their new album ‘Soft Ware‘  Frankfurt, Germany band NEWMEN are releasing their first single ‘Delay’ on 23rd March. A song about the emotional reciprocation in a state of dreamy euphoria. Arrogance suddenly turns into a yearning for warmth and security: “I just want to be adored / I’m close to the cold colors“. During the first one and a half minutes of the song its vocals are being carried exclusively by chords on the Juno, then the music suddenly breaks out with a bang from its cold and reduced arrangement. What follows is a sound extravaganza of continuously shifting electronic layers spinning over but yet gaining direction. At the finale, it quiets down completely and NEWMEN create an atmosphere which ‘Beach House’ couldn’t have conveyed better. A song composed of the different aggregation states. Complex, yet straight to the point.

Remarkably calmly, the quintet uncovers the sleight of hand tricks of modern consumer culture, dissolves labels and adds a link to the value chain by leading absurdum the mechanisms of the mainstream in the dance step. This play of ideas characterizes the stylistic fingerprint of the record, which develops a fascinating profile through its ironic break in content and form: catchy arrangements enter into an intimate relationship with weightlessly drifting instrumental tracks in which NEWMEN self-confidently express their passion for contemporary pop music. The repetitive moment of NEU !, the immediacy of the early POWERWORK, the lightness of AIR – all this and much more can be admired on ‘Soft Ware’, an album that creates, intuition and reflection, zeitgeist and timelessness to a courageous one Unite statement.