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“The bittersweet pop song was written by NOURI herself and although there’s a melancholy edge to it, there’s also a subtle power in the vocals.” – Complex

Getting things right on your first release is tough for a lot of acts – but most acts aren’t NOURI. Vivian Nouri, known professionally as NOURI, is a New Zealand recording artist. Born in a Syrian refugee camp following the bombing of her family’s home in Kurdistan, NOURI and her family were granted refugee status in New Zealand when she was aged 3.

A huge fan of Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston as a child, NOURI developed a deep love of music from the age of four. NOURI’s family recognised the immense potential in her voice aged nine, when she received a standing ovation at her primary school talent quest for her performance of the Whitney Houston-Mariah Carey duet When You Believe. By the age of ten, NOURI was singing at a variety of local events and contests. She is the recipient of several beauty pageant titles and in 2009, was personally invited to perform for the former Prime Minister of New Zealand Sir John Key at the Style Pasifika Fashion Awards.

In 2017, NOURI travelled to Los Angeles to work with four time Grammy award-winning producer Brian Kennedy, who has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Chris
Brown. It was during one of her trips to Los Angeles that she landed her first big break – a vocal feature in the Hollywood film Daddy’s Home 2.

Earlier this year, NOURI performed the United States National Anthem at the Staples Center for the Knicks v Clippers game and competed in the First Annual Celebrity Football Game for the John Ross II Foundation where, two minutes into the game, the ball was thrown to NOURI by Los Angeles Lakers player Kyle Kuzma, and she scored the game’s first touchdown.

With her first single Where Do We Go From Here, NOURI brings power and emotion, which can only come from a place of personal pain. Despairing guitars and a thumping beat compliment NOURI’s poignant vocal performance, akin to Ariana Grande’s signature ballad One Last Time. A testament to her talent, NOURI wrote the lyrics to Where Do We Go From Here.

Speaking on the meaning behind Where Do We Go From Here, NOURI shares: “It’s the struggle of wanting to be with someone you care deeply for but at the same time wanting to let them go because the timing isn’t right.”

NOURI is currently working on an EP set to be released in 2019 – expect big things from this unquestionable star.