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Qveen Herby

“It’s hard to combine humour with both attitude and musical chops, but Qveen Herby somehow manages to pull it off on this playfully lust-filled gem.” – The Line Of Best Fit

Amy Noonan is Qveen Herby, the L.A. based singer-songwriter and rapper who delivers an undeniable flow into her R&B through fiery and fierce lyricism.  As musically versatile as she is musically talented, Qveen Herby’s ability to shift from ruthless to vulnerable and back on a track makes her highly admirable while still being relatable as she spits truth while narrating her thrilling struggle of being a self-made phenomenon.

Having made her debut in June 2017 with her well-received five-track debut EP, EP 1, Qveen Herby unraveled her uncanny origin story involving a spray of cannabis oil and an Uber ride to the Gucci store in Beverly Hills from which inspiration ensued and QveenHerby was born.

Following her debut EP, Qveen Herby released her EP 2 in a December 2017 release that featured her widely acclaimed singles, “Love Myself” and “Wifey.”  Aside from rightfully taking 2017 by storm with her captivating music releases, Qveen Herby also partnered with DJ/producer, Audrey Napoleon to release her own cosmetics line, Qveen Studio, generating a wealth of buzz in the beauty industry as well.

Now, in 2018, the sharp-witted artist, entrepreneur and beauty mogul, Qveen Herby prepares to make even greater waves in pop-culture with the upcoming release of her latest EP, EP 3. Produced by Pompano Puff (Nicki Minaj, T.I.) and former Karmin bandmate, Nick Noonan, EP 3 unfolds with a raw yet immaculately arranged soundscape built upon infectious melodies and hard to forget beats that Qveen Herby effortlessly maneuvers around with finesse.

Qveen Herby promises to “keep it suave” and pays tribute to legendary soul artist, Sade, in her first electronic R&B single from EP 3 titled, “Sade In The 90s.” An unapologetic track in which Qveen Herby exudes an unwavering confidence and swagger while rhyming Gucci loafer with Deepak Chopra, “Sade In The 90s” features Qveen Herby’s powerfully smooth vocals over a hauntingly groovy instrumental that no doubt sets up what is to be expected in her upcoming musical project.

Speaking on her soon-to-be released track, Qveen Herby states, “In the ’90s everyone was always going hard, and Sade was just so smooth. If you dig into her lyrics she’s telling these crazy stories, but it all feels really easy.”