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Steele is a Stockholm based artist and songwriter who draws from wide array of influence, ranging from dark pop, post rock and trip-hop throughout each production, and cites Portishead, Massive Attack, Björk and Pink Floyd as her main influences.

She debuted in 2015 with her single ‘Fade’, shortly followed by a four tracked EP called ‘Opium’, 2016.  After the release, her music caught the attention of music blogs and magazines, and both ‘Fade’ and ‘Waiting’ were listed in Rolling Stone Magazine Mexico.

The quick and unexpected response resulted in the making of her second EP ‘Hiraeth’ which was released the same year in September 2016.  The track ‘Follow’ made it to the top of the list of various independent radio channels, reached over 1 million streams on Spotify and the music video was review and listed as #1 in Rolling Stone Magazine Mexico – yet again.

The live scene was the next step, and STEELE started playing in both Stockholm and the UK in both smaller venues, clubs and bigger events, like opening the ELLE-gala’s 20th anniversary in 2017. See the show here.

After the relase of ‘Opium’ and ‘Hiraeth’, STEELE went back into the studio with her producers Dejan Sajinovic and Charles Elmi at Firegate Music AB to create a third EP, which would then be merged with the existing tracks and become her first, full album – ‘Paroxysm’.