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“If you add to his vulnerable text a perfectly self-produced soundscape made of sensual electronic elements and a deep and smooth groove, then you obtain the beautiful “Erase You”.


“The jaunty production, with R&B beats, pop melodies, and a drop of funk in the undertone, it shows off Stolar’s technical skills and well as it does his wordsmithery.”

The Most Radicalist


Our Spotify Achievements – ‘Erase You’

Spotify’s New Music Friday Indonesia (89,000 followers)

The track also made Spotify’s Indonesia Viral 50 Chart.


In the past four years, Stolar has written over 1,000 songs while frequently flying between New York, Los Angeles and Nashville. From his musical collaborations over the years he has seen to work with Take A Daytrip, as well as Jordan Palmer and The Voice’s Caroline Pannell.

Now entering into 2018, Stolar will embark on his ‘Raw Emotions Project’, releasing songs every month correlating to a specific emotion. With an unmatched drive and enthusiasm for human connection, Stolar was destined to tell his stories as a recording artist. Stolar has turned personal stories into lush and danceable yet undeniably deep songs.