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A collision of cultures, styles, colours, and languages, this change in her life led to a shift in the way she approached music.Clash Magazine

With this being her debut, there’s not much known about Tinx, and there’s a lot of appeal in that thought provoking anonymity. Growing up in Sweden, 21 year old Tinx moved to the UK as a young teen, with English culture shaping her until her leap to London to pursue a career in music when she was 18. Fuelled by her passion, Tinx worked two jobs to pay the bills so that she could live amongst the inspiring culture that the city has to offer, and is now handcrafting music inspired by the likes of Swedish Pop Queen Robyn, Tove Lo, Terror Jr and Astrid S.

Self described as “dark pop with big drops”, Tinx takes an attitude laden swagger into the industry with her first track, FMLU, a bittersweet Electro Pop cut. Working with flavours of tropical house and trap influences, Tinx smartly weaves in summer aesthetics into her crisp take on Electro Pop. Harmonising with the synthetic elements, Tinx transcends the competition with her distinctive voice which makes for an impeccable pairing with the genre.

Tinx aims for an honest and empowering appeal in her music by sharing her experiences, feelings and situations to create an equal, relatable plane between her and her audience. Building on her love for poetry and it’s close connection with songwriting, Tinx cites poet Rupi Kaur as one of her main influences outside of the music world due to her relatable teachings and hopes to have the same impact with her music.