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Val Astaire

“Philly born Val Astaire likes to break hearts with his emo bangers.” – Indietronica

Philadelphia born turned New York City native – Val Astaire has spent the better part of a decade contributing to several musical projects across over 60 countries. In 2018 Val and fellow producer and guitarist, Christopher Curran began what would become the first of two EP’s. Spending the rest of the year pursuing other artistic endeavors and touring, Curran and Astaire reconvened over the songs to release ‘Yellow’ in the fall of 2018. Shortly thereafter the two revisited the first collection of songs they had written to release ‘///‘ on January 11, 2019. In March of 2019 the two brought in Songwriter and Producer Kyle Blamy and settled themselves into Barbershop Studios along side producers Brett Romnes and Gary Cioni to signal in the next chapter. The first single “Say You Will” from Val Astaire’s debut album is set to release September 2, 2019. “Val Astaire is indie-pop layered, polished, and elegantly torn at the seams.”


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