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Vassco is one of those producers that can do anything. He works on records across so many genres; it’s a miracle he’s able to handle it. With his sophomore single, ‘1 Percent’, Vassco has enlisted the help of rapper, Nessly, and local Caribbean talent, ‘Oprehay’, to create a feel-good track with seriously dark undertones. It has this strange way of getting under your skin. 

1 Percent is the lead single of Vass’s debut EP, The Hum Collection, which releases on the same day, November 11 2019, and displays his multifaceted production capabilities. Having smashed 80,000 streams on his last release ‘New Money’, we’re expecting big things from Vassco.

Speaking to the motivation behind 1 Percent, Vassco shares:

“1 Percent is a fun comment on popular culture. It’s unapologetically accurate and makes comments on everything from politics to the ridiculous nature of the typical ‘Flex’ lifestyle that exists in rap music. The music video shows this further in a toxic waste like basement set. This is the reality of where most rappers are – the ‘1 Percent’ lifestyle is fake.”


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