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Vic Mensa

“… [Emmit] blends an emotionally charged narrative and a bedroom-set performance of the collab featuring Fenn on the piano and Mensa” Complex

Berkeley, CA based singer-songwriter, producer and composer Emmit Fenn has been honing his musicianship since a young adolescent, with the years of practice leading up to the incredibly well received debut track Painting Greys at age 19 that retained the #1 spot on Spotify’s Global Viral charts for seven days in a row. His alternate and poised take on Indie Electronica often changes style as it draws from a broad range of influence and he creates a spellbinding and cinematic atmosphere with his music that’s hard not to get washed away by.

Emmit went on to release two successful EPs that retain the narrative of his powerful music, building on the soundscapes as well as successes from his debut, with both EPs accumulating over 50 million plays on Spotify to date. The world is noticing Emmit Fenn, with his music seeing support from the likes of Deadmau5, Mistajam, Pete Tong & Scott Storch, as well as production credits for bitches broken hearts by breakthrough talent Billie Eilish.

Emmit’s craft also caught the attention of superstar Roc Nation rapper Vic Mensa, resulting in the collaboration, Pouring Rain. The track is a conscious and stripped back piece of emotive Hip Hop that sees Vic lay down pensive verses that address life’s overlooked hardships and Emmit’s soulful chorus’ that bring balance with a melancholic sense of empowerment. Vic’s storytelling combined with Emmit’s crisp production and contrasting vocals make for a truly gripping listen that will easily have you hooked from start to finish.