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After growing up on a heavy dose of r&b, Teenear is a sophisticated artist that’s delivered an array of solid music since her artistic conception in 2015. Her deliciously sultry delivery is reminiscent of 90’s vocal icons such as Mariah Carey and Aaliyah.

Obsessed with singing, acting and dancing, Teenear refined a multitude of skills in the competitive realms of pageants and talent shows. Her love of performing in church also allowed her to experiment with a growing passion for music and performing arts. Teenear soon built a respected reputation locally and went on to catch the attention of the industry staples, Slip-N-Slide Records. Since basing herself in Miami, Teenear has provided us with debut single Friday Night, as well as prominent releases I Like It and Need Your Love among others. Her array of dynamic work has led to millions of streams on Spotify alone.