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Apex Zero

Apex Zero is a multi-disciplinary artist, creating as an emcee, beat maker, filmmaker, photographer, and writer.

Born and raised in West London with African and Grenadian roots, Apex is a powerful lyricist and cinematic storyteller with an insightful mind and eye, an unmatchable flow, atmospheric sound, and ability to connect people to create multi-layered experiences and provoke change.

Apex built his reputation on London’s underground Hip Hop scene, releasing mixtapes, touring the UK/Europe, hosting Reggae/Bass music events, and entering poetry slams.

Through releasing his debut album “Reality Provoking Liberation,” he became involved with digital production house GlobalFaction and helped establish I Am Hip-Hop Magazine.

Broadening his horizons, Apex relocated to Beijing, performing across Asia, collaborating with China’s best Hip Hop, Reggae, and Bass music artists.

Since returning to London, he tours globally, collaborates with internationally acclaimed artists, and is an organizing member of End of the Weak.

Apex’s latest project is ‘Drummer Warrior Storyteller,’ a living, visual album that Apex has been building with numerous brilliant, multi-disciplinary artists for over 5 years.

The album (so far) is made of films, paintings, metal work, photography, costume design, drum circles, and immersive theatre productions, and more is planned for the next stages of the album’s lifeline.

This Spring, Apex will release ‘Drummer Warrior Storyteller (Part Two),’ the second film and EP in the series, alongside more exhibitions, screenings, and live performances.

The tracks on the EP – ‘Seventh Dimension (On Perspective),’ ‘You (On Love),’ and ‘Live Life (On Livity)’ – were made with legendary UK Hip Hop producer Micall Parknsun, Malian master Kora player and vocalist Moussa Dembele, and Ghanaian songstress Elia-Naa.

The films – shot in Venezuela, Peru, Barbados, Uganda, and London – were made in collaboration with visionary filmmakers Chiba Visuals, Slim Yearwood, Alicia Warner, and Ekua McMorris, and feature pioneering metalsmith Roxanne Simone, cultural polymath Muti ‘Mutivation’ Musafiri, jewellery from rising star Lucie Gledhill, Ugandan traditional drummers Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, and footage from Break Fast Jam and Afri-cans Street Art Fest 2018 (both in Kampala).