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HonorRoll also known as Donte Harmon is an Artist born and raised in Ohio. He began to write and produce his own records in the mid to late 90’s, he would soon after drop out of school in order to focus his full efforts on his dream. By the age of 18, HonorRoll had released his first official project, for the subsequent years he would play a variety of shows and produce for a wide range of artists. After an extended break from producing and writing records, HonorRoll is back and more focused than ever with ‘Queen City’.

With an established background in film, HonorRoll’s music is as visual as it is sonic. Taking inspiration from the classic midwest soul sampling sound, his music feels timeless and occupies the space between elite lyricism and a modern bounce. He wears multiple hats as an artist, with both production and writing credits to his name, further exemplifying his artistic prowess. 


His latest offering, ‘Queen City’ is an expression of frustration with his hometown city of Ohio. He speaks on the lack of collaboration within the city and how if this was present his beloved hometown could reach new heights. The production on the track is triumphant and bold, with knocking drums and a soulful vocal sample that lays the foundation for HonorRoll to put his pen to use. 


Long story short,  My city is very unsupportive of up and coming talents.  So I wanted to put it out there that my city could be a force if it wasn’t so divided.