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Born in Bari, Italy, Kisnou is a music composer whose passion emerged from listening to his mother and artists like Koda, Owsey, Sorrow, and many others. After a rough childhood and a tough relationship with his father, things got worse.

Bullying, anger, sorrow, broken bones, and shattered hearts were the only realities he knew. And they shaped a burden of sadness, anxiety, and fear. These feelings simmered beneath the surface, a volcano ready to erupt.

This eruption, however, turned into a burning desire to run, to escape, to find a better life, and eventually to hope. The darkness was not something to escape. At 18, he decided to answer his passion for music when it knocked at his door. His discovery of music became oxygen, where pain turned into a desire for freedom.

Taken from the word Kismet, Kisnou means fate, the fate nightmares had decided for him but which he denied, choosing instead to craft a fate of his own.