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Tyler K

An autistic, God-driven teen with a passion, Tyler Kramer credits the lord for the opportunities he’s been given. “I wouldn’t be here without my faith and trust in the lord,” he says in a 2022 interview.

Tyler K, has experienced aspects of life that many would consider a miracle. Born in 2005, in a small city to the west of Xi’an, China, he was left for a better life by his biological family, later being adopted. Throughout his years, he’s had death of loved ones, multiple surgeries, and many obstacles, however that hasn’t caused his charisma and character to be any less enunciated.

Hailing from the Jacksonville area, where artists like Yungeen Ace and Foolio have thrived, Tyler has worked on his craft through many different genres, from Hip Hop, to Pop, and even some Orchestral Pieces. “One artist I look up to despite the bias would have to be Tyler, The Creator” he tells us. “Genre bending is something I’ve attempted to pioneer at, something I love to see in music.”

Currently independent, Tyler K looks to become an inspiration to people across the globe. Within every human is a story, and Tyler is blessed to have the platform to share it with others.