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Building a Sustainable Music Career: A Conversation with Harriet JW, Founder of Secret Sessions Academy

Welcome to the Liberty Music PR podcast, where we bring you inspiring stories and insights from the music industry. In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Harriet JW, founder of the Secret Sessions Academy. Harriet shared her inspiring journey of getting started in the music industry and what led her to create the Secret Sessions. This platform connects artists and fans through intimate performances.

Harriet’s advice is invaluable for musicians who are just starting in the industry. She shared her wisdom on building a sustainable career as an artist and navigating the industry’s challenges. With years of experience working with amazing artists, from Bastille to Mahalia, Harriet has a wealth of knowledge to share.

During our conversation with Harriet, we also discussed the importance of ‘fishing where the fish are’ when building a fanbase. This means finding out where the fans of your music are, identifying where they hang out, both online and in person, and pursuing and building a community with those people. Harriet emphasized the importance of understanding your audience and finding ways to connect with them. By building a strong and engaged fanbase, you can create a supportive community that will help you navigate the ups and downs of the music industry.

Harriet also talked about the Secret Sessions and what it offers to both artists and fans. The Secret Sessions platform connects musicians with their fans through intimate performances in unique locations. Harriet shared how the Secret Sessions got started and adapted during the pandemic. Despite the past year’s challenges, the Secret Sessions has continued to provide a platform for artists to connect with their fans through online performances and other creative initiatives.

If you are a musician looking to build a successful career in the music industry, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Join us as we dive into Harriet’s inspiring story and learn from her experience in the music industry.