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Here are some of our reviews:

Leif Coffield

“Chama is very much a champion and scored some bits of press that i’m delighted with, and although radio wasn’t included, she didn’t hesitate to follow up with Jack Saunders’ team and send them over my track”
“Josh out-did himself and secured some brilliant placements on very respectable playlists and as if by magic – the streams rolled in. some of which also converter to followers on social media, which is always a great indicator of solid playlist placement”
“Communication with both josh and Chama was excellent. extremely organised (highly beneficial for my somewhat unorganised self) and accessing all documents, coverage pieces etc wasn’t more than a 30 second search away. no scrolling through loose email threads! clearly these two have brilliant industry acumen and would be an excellent asset to any campaign.”

Kate Stuart (Kate Stuart PR, Toast Press)

I’ve worked in the music industry for over 20 years and have always recommended Liberty PR for artists due to their approach for getting their clients as much online coverage as possible. From curating online press and brand association opportunities alongside on trend digital marketing and streaming services, Bee and her team work really hard to achieve optimum visibility for up and coming artists. Liberty PR have a genuine passion for breaking new music artists and are friendly and approachable. Highly recommend.

Adam Macaulay (Shyaway)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adam and Bee on numerous playlisting campaigns and the results have always been great. Would definitely recommend if you’re an artist just starting out and wanting to get some of that essential early exposure.

Eva Lazarus

I worked with Liberty on my first solo record and couldn’t have been happier with I got back asa a result. They knew exactly where to place me and even managed to secure some fun brand opportunities for me. I will be using them again and I ALWAYS suggest them for other artists trying to level up in terms of visibility.

Oliver Georgiou (Miller Blue)

Liberty Music PR were incredible to work with from start to finish! The team was extremely knowledgable, easy to get on with and took the Miller Blue project to the next level. As a manager it’s extremely important to only onboard passionate people around a campaign and Bee and the team optimised just that. Their extensive understanding of how to fit brands with artists along with their great relationships with the streaming platforms made for a fantastic journey. They managed to procure a great premier for the song with Complex and the full press report was full of success stories. Would 100% recommend Liberty music, great value for money and team of individual who really thrive on making artists a success.

Maddox Jones (Maddox Jones/Born Stranger)

I’ve worked with Liberty on a number of releases and they have great contents in the industry and are very forward thinking to their approach to music PR. I have landed many Spotify playlists, blogs and been talked about influencers on social media all due to the hard work of Bee, Adam & Team. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders

Everybody was extremely helpful and caring. Loved the team and liked the way they communicated on a regular basis with me.

Maiyio x Chaiyia

Overall, the experience was very good. We like the weekly updates Oli sent us, and we also appreciate Noor for constantly checking in.


It’s been a brilliant experience. This was the first campaign I’ve been involved in as a primary artist, and any apprehensions I had about marketing or audience perception dissolved completely. Bryony and Sam were so supportive and forthcoming. I felt that our artistic integrity was left untouched, as I knew that they were entirely empathetic to the music. They provided the perfect bridge between us and the world.


My experience was better than I could have hoped for. The team were constantly in touch with me and quick to reply when I had questions. Will 100% work with them again.

Lainey Dionne

Amazing! Pieces came in so fast for PR and my numbers increased so fast on Spotify. Joe and Oli were there every step of the way keeping me in the loop. The best thing that I have found is very unique to this company is that you give the artist the real background data. I loved seeing proof and have the close connection with the people who are working on my music!


Really great – the playlisting saw real tangible results as I saw a significant increase in streams when my track got added to specific playlists. It is also amazing to see my music played in other countries! The press side of things was brilliant and I was super happy with the amount of coverage and the level of publications that feature my track! Overall, really delighted.

Swim Fan

This was the first swing at press for the band and I think you all did a great job getting quality/quantity of coverage for the single. SEO is looking a lot more promising for a band with an uphill battle due to its name.

Justis Bratt

We are very pleased with the work your team does. Tom/Wardah