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Eastpak Collaboration

Build Eastpak’s BRAND EQUITY by blending music cohesively into its February 2021 strategy, and creating the Eastpak community of music ambassadors to celebrate Black History Month, and educate audiences.

One artist featured each week as the face of BHM X Eastpak, across the four weeks of February. Each artist conducted a pre-recorded Q&A that educated the viewer about the iconic black figures who influenced their life and continue to inspire them. Every Friday evening the artists took to Eastpak’s Instagram for a Live Virtual Performance – an opportunity for them to continue the BHM discussion also in connection with their Spotify playlist which featured on Eastpak’s new Spotify account.  These shine a light on their favourite iconic black musicians throughout the decades.

Credibility The campaign raises a platform for the artists, being immersed into Eastpak’s community and representing the black community. Also, Eastpak gains credibility through supporting emerging talent and the music industry during the pandemic, when arts and culture have been restricted the most. Principally Eastpak’s campaign also highlights the presence of black communities in society following civil unrest in the USA resulting in deaths, like that of George Floyd.

Engagement Unique content to educate and entertain Eastpak’s following, complimenting their series of BHM-focused in-depth discussions with current empowering black icons.

Lifetime Value Associating Eastpak with Black History Month through music, culture and storytelling, promoting resilience and empowerment in its community.

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