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Influencer Manager

Liberty Music PR is a digital Music PR agency that focuses on storytelling across platforms. Last year we opened our first flagship office in Brighton to service artists in the UK, US and beyond. At Liberty we thrive on our vibrant culture and our artist and team first attitude. So were looking for smart, innovative, and thoughtful individuals to build our music PR team.

At Liberty Music, we build and execute sophisticated digital campaigns that drive real results for new emerging and breakthrough artists around the world. We only work with artists that we LOVE and strive to build campaigns that are both impactful and authentic.

We believe in helping artists connect fans based on the year we live in, which means that in early 2017 we launched our digital play listing pitching service as an alternative to radio.

General Qualifications:

  • You thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, high-energy environment
  • You want to have an impact and feel passionate about working with artists and their teams
  • You are a real self starter and have the ability to demonstrate persistence and patience in abundance.
  • You are driven and hungry for success, and always want to learn more
  • You are a team player and enjoy collaboration
  • You show leadership potential and have a desire to lead an elite team
  • You have great communication skills
  • You have strong creative pitch writing skills
  • You have Strong grammar and punctuation and high attention to detail
  • You can use basic Google sheets and docs
  • You have a wide musical range and taste – also an understanding of what the musical tastemakers will like
  • You understand how music is released
  • You are up to date with current music trends and movements

Core responsibilities and abilities include:

  • Ability to manage multiple relationships effectively with influencers, labels, managers, artists
  • Create concise and creative pitches.
  • Ability to think creatively, authentic means of collaborating with influencers (Music PR is incredibly tough (yet so rewarding), especially when pitching brand new artists to music editors).
  • Devise effective communication strategies that will drive the best possible results
  • Ability to build accurate database work in a team with data miners and press team
  • Client management – updating clients with information about new promotional opportunities and current PR campaigns in progress
  • Maintain clear communication with management, record labels, and influencers, ensure you are 100% transparent and have ability to manage expectations
  • Liaise with clients (managers, labels, or artists) about budgets, timescales, and objectives
  • Produce weekly/bi-weekly reports for clients

Required Skills/Experience:

  • Ability to problem solve and think critically
  • Minimum 2-3 years in music PR or suitable network of contacts
  • Understanding of the music media landscape globally but with a keen focus on the UK and US
  • Understanding new promotional strategies to enhance an artist’s campaign

The role is flexible, would suit someone who is happy to work from home or in our co-working space in London or flagship office in Brighton.

Contact: [email protected]