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Liberty Academy


Liberty Academy is an online learning experience which has been specifically designed to teach and train young people ‘hands-on’ about all aspects of the industry, focusing on; The music industry mindset, story telling across platforms, growing your streams and most importantly creative partnerships.

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Artist independence is at the core of everything we do. We have now taken a step further to also empower the younger generation to learn on the go and become the most influential people in the music business.

We all know that experience and knowledge are essential to get started, which is why we’ve launched a series of fast track training modules. We are here for you and want to be part of the beginning of your journey towards career success.

The academy will run for one week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with a music summit mid week on Wednesday focused on the future of live music and live streaming.

By the end of the course, students will have the opportunity of entering our ‘join the team’ test, in which we will be selecting two candidates for an internship with us.

We want this to be hands-on, so this is a wonderful chance of also securing your very first job in the industry! We will be personally selecting our students, so keep in mind places are limited.




1. Panel: Music Business – a deep look in the industry

– How and where to start.
– It’s all about who you know – the power of networking.
– Overall view of an artist team – manager, booking agent, tour manager, PR etc. How to start building yours.
– The importance of PR and digital promotion, playlisting and brand partnerships.
– Be bold – to be or not to be.
– Putting yourself out there. How, where and when.

2. Press: Artist Engagement and Visibility

– What is press?
– How does it help an upcoming artist versus an established artist?
– How to become a publicist? Where to start?
– Is experience fundamental?
– How to get involved and get to know the editors?
– What is storytelling? How to apply when writing a press release?

3. Playlisting: The World of Streaming and Playlisting

– What does a Streaming Executive do?
– Where to learn about it?
– What is ROI? how does it work?
– How many streams does an artist need in order to make money?
– How to generate more monthly listeners?
– Can streams actually help an artist to have a hit?
– Does it influence what songs radio stations choose?
– How to hack the Spotify algorithms.

4. Brand: Storytelling Across Platforms

– How do brands get involved with music and what are the benefits?
– Do brands invest money? How do they get anything in return?
– What’s the difference in the results of a press campaign with or without brand partnerships?
– How do you know if an artist is a good fit for a specific brand and vice versa?
– Brands x upcoming artists – how to make it work?
– Online gigs and takeovers – is this something that will last?
– How to get to know brands and what they want?
– How does music influence sales?

5. A&R and Business Development

– What does an A&R do?
– How do you know if an artist has potential to succeed?
– How are sales linked with finding new talents?
– How do targets work? Are targets a crucial part of the role?
– What’s the difference between A&Rs that work for PR agencies x record labels?
– How is business development linked to the role?
– How to develop the skills to spot new talents?
– Where to find new artists?
– Do people buy people? How to develop trust and a personal relationship?

6. Mindset x Music Business

– What’s the importance of working on your mindset.
– How can your mindset affect your performance and results.
– How to deal with negative feedback and people.
– How to manage rejection.
– The importance of prioritising and time management.

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