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Richard Clegg: Unveiling the Visionary Behind CM Sounds on the Liberty Music PR Podcast

In this week’s Liberty Music PR podcast, we have the pleasure of interviewing Richard Clegg, the entrepreneur and CEO of the youth organization CM Sounds. Born and raised in North West London, Richard’s passion for music started as a teenager and DJ’ing. As part of his early music career, Richard became a tour DJ for Mercury Prize-nominated band Asian Dub Foundation. He released his music production underground tracks on various labels.

In addition to his music career, Richard is also a successful entrepreneur and social enterprise pioneer. He set up one of the first internet stations in the UK,, and was one of the founding teams at Rithmik Studios in NW London with Barnet Council. Richard’s business experiences have led him to work with The Times UK Top 20 influential entrepreneur Shaa Wasmund MBE on Smarta 100 business awards and The Jamie Oliver Cookery School, of which he was part of the founding team.

Richard’s passion for music and social entrepreneurship has led him to become the CEO of CM Sounds, a youth and education organization based in East London. CM’s diverse and exciting program offers a range of courses, live events, and professional training, both online and in-person, enriching the lives of young people and bringing positive change to the community. Richard says, “CM is a magic place which provides a safe creative learning environment for people. The organization is open to everyone and fuses creativity with support for people who are having challenges in their life.”

Richard’s services to music have been recognized by Buckingham Palace, where he was invited by HRM the Queen for services to music. He was also part of the founding team to relaunch PyroRadio in the new digital age, which now has 30k subscribers on YouTube. Richard’s marketing expertise has led him to work with various freelance marketing work for entrepreneurs and companies and one of the biggest football agencies, Stellar Group.

In this podcast, Richard shares his valuable insights from his extensive career, speaks about the fantastic things CM Sounds has achieved and discusses the organization’s roadmap for the future. Tune in to learn more about Richard Clegg, his passion for music, entrepreneurship, and how he is making a positive impact on the community through CM Sounds.