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Azul Kechi

Born in the heart of South London, on the hit of the millennium, Azul Kechi is a Nigerian-British singer-songwriter bringing flavors of soul, pop, and R&B together ready for a new era of music.

She brings influences from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Betty Davis, and Lauryn Hill, merged with a fresh and raw style of rhythmic vocal unique to Azul.

Her music heavily draws from life experiences as a person who feels different and is navigating the world coming into their own.

This is the fourth single from Azul’s upcoming album, ‘Celestial Love,’ and continues her journey exploring self-identity and self-expression through her celestial alter ego.

“Temporary Love” was written during lockdown and reflects Azul’s feelings in metaphors of uncertainty and change with the surrounding environment when everything felt temporary.

The music created by Philadelphia’s Eraserhood Sound provides a perfect progressive feeling synth-soul/rhythmic backdrop and was all recorded using analogue instruments played live.