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Bambi Bains

Bambi Bains is one of the UK’s most exciting new emerging talent of 2022. She has recently signed a deal with Sony Publishing and has just finished her first UK tour in Feb this year.

Bambi has always had a very strong stance for female empowerment and uses this notion as a backbone for her creative license when producing and writing music. She has won many awards and accolades over the years and now living in London, she enjoys fusing the sounds of different cultures that surround her. Bambi plans to release music close to her heart and believes in breaking cultural boundaries through cross-pollination in music. “Theres so much to learn from the people and cultures around us and I really feel strongly in educating through sound. We have so much to gain and theres no doubt we could all benefit more by respecting and understanding each others heritage.” says Bambi. “Living in London has really opened my eyes to the beauty that exists in all of us.”