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CASE STUDY: Besa – Titan

We were pleased with the results of the campaign producing more than 1 million views in total.

As we were promoting a Eurovision entry we opted for a mix of dedicated Eurovision content pages as well as more general creators producing dance, travel and personality based content.


For Besa’s campaign the team put a strategy together to target mainly European and U.K. audiences to aid in Besa’s Eurovision run ahead of the final. Key highlights included Notion Magazine, EARMILK and Music News among others garnering more visibility and promoting the music video to potential Eurovision voters.


Besa was a special project for us due to its impact on a contest like Eurovision. We opted for a mixed strategy, targeting mood and genre playlists to enhance the track’s Spotify popularity score. Additionally, we provided editorial support to ensure higher promotion on the official Spotify editorial playlist. Initially, she was positioned near the bottom, but we successfully elevated her placement significantly. The promotion through playlists had a very positive effect, with major independent curators placing her in prime spots on their best-performing playlists.


Playlists Placements

Spotify Popularity Score


2 million


Growth in Popularity Score compared to his previous release

49% better score

Average length of playlisting a placement

86% more time


For the TikTok campaign we looked to reach both a Eurovision specific audience as well as reach a more general audience with the track. To achieve this we reached out to a group of Eurovision channels creating content for the 2024 competition, which brought great exposure to the track in a dedicated fan space. Alongside this we used a range of our established creators from a selection of categories such as travel, art and dance to reach a more general audience. The result was a campaign which gathered over 1 million views.

Total views









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♬ TiTAN - Besa

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♬ TiTAN - Besa

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♬ TiTAN - Besa

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♬ TiTAN - Besa

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♬ TiTAN - Besa

TiTAN ❤️🇦🇱 by New creation from @Eurovision 2024 edition, with @Besa and her song “TiTAN” for Albania. To which song should I create a new video? Tell me the country with the flag in the comments! 😁 #eurovision2024 #titan #besa #albania #eurovision #esc2024 #fyp #pourtoi #parati #eurovisionfan #perte

♬ TiTAN - Besa