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B&O Music Lates

The Challenge

B&O wanted to make their new New Bond Street store a cultural hub, attracting both creatives and music enthusiasts. They sought to put their store on the map as a vibrant hub for culture, music, and artistry, aiming to create a space that would resonate with their target audience and differentiate them from competitors.

Our Solution

To meet B&O’s objective, we devised a strategy centered on hosting live music events over six weeks, showcasing independent up-and-coming musicians in-store. This initiative, complemented by a targeted press campaign and extensive social media coverage, successfully positioned the Bond Street store as a cultural destination, fulfilling B&O’s vision and engaging their desired audience.

The Campaign

Our press campaign strategically targeted culturally significant music publications such as CULT, DMY Mag, Earmilk, and StupidDOPE. The events generated considerable traction, resonating not only with our intended audience but also reaching beyond.

In total, we garnered 19 pieces of coverage, with an estimated press audience of 7.13 million, including prominent features from industry giants like Earmilk, Resident Advisor, and DMY Mag.

Additional Details

In addition to press coverage and in-person engagement, our activation yielded extensive content in the form of videos, photos, and artist-generated material shared across social channels. With over 200k accounts reached and nearly 7k interactions, our curated content amplified the reach and impact of the events, fostering deeper engagement and connection with our audience both online and offline.

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Social Interactions

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From Cultr to DMY Mag, the B&O Lates events garnered widespread attention across both music industry-specific and broader press outlets.

Notable features included an in-depth review on Cultr praising the immersive experience and an exclusive coverage by DMY Mag titled ‘Band & Olufsen present B&O Lates: A weekly event series championing emerging artists’, highlighting the event’s impact on London’s cultural scene. With each piece, the events solidified their position as a must-attend destination, captivating audiences far and wide.

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With captivating visuals and behind-the-scenes glimpses, our curated content resonated with over 200k accounts reached, igniting conversations and sparking interest.

Notable interactions included lively discussions, shares, and reactions, totalling nearly 7k engagements. From Instagram to TikTok, our social media presence showcased the vibrancy and allure of the events, drawing in audiences from near and far.


In response to the challenge of establishing B&O’s Bond Street store as a cultural hub, our goal was clear: to create a dynamic space that resonated with creatives and music enthusiasts alike.

Through a strategic blend of live music events, targeted press campaigns, and extensive social media engagement, we successfully transformed the store into a vibrant destination, achieving widespread recognition and engagement.

By curating immersive experiences and fostering community engagement, we not only met but exceeded our objectives, solidifying B&O’s position as a cultural leader in the heart of London’s West End.


Atmosphere & Content

“Working with Liberty Music PR was a wonderful experience. They executed our vision to perfection. The quality of artists they provided for this activation was spot on. Nothing was too much for the team and the press results they acquired to promote the music initiative were impressive”

Bang & Olufsen