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Case Study [Development]

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Drum & Bass / Pop artist released his latest single ‘Love The Day’. Throughout the 6 week press campaign Fox gained a total of 11 pieces of coverage with a combined audience size of 458k.

Key highlights include CLASH Magazine, CULTR, Music Crowns and Fame Magazine to name a few. The campaign overall achieved the goal of achieving well regarded press placement to showcase the track and improving the artists overall SEO rankings, giving a good foundation for future releases.


The track has been placed in a mix of Genre Specific playlists and mood playlists that has allowed the artist to get a great exposure in terms of engagement. We have seen an increase of the Popularity score all the way to 26 which is the healthiest the track has been so far.

This campaign had a good amount of listeners coming from the USA and Brazil, which ended up being a new target audience for the artist where he will be focusing his future marketing strategies.


Playlists Placements

Spotify Popularity Score




Growth in Popularity Score compared to his previous release

625% better score

Average length of playlisting a placement

125% more time


Swiss indie band Juicy Lemon Club released their latest single 21. Night of May. Throughout the 4-week radio campaign the band gained a total of 226 plays across a wide range of radio stations.

Key highlights include BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Solent and BBC Radio Solent to name a few. The campaign succeed in garnering support from key radio stations throughout various countries as well as introducing/solidify interest for the band in the UK market.


The Akuchi campaign was a great example of the range of content as well as the reach possible with a full Liberty TikTok campaign. Akuchi’s track ‘No Games’ is a blend of trap, hip hop and afrobeat and was well matched for the content categories we provided of dance, fashion and sports. We were able to reach a range of fan demographics with the total views of the campaign surpassing 1 million views.

Total views









This campaign had great traction and brought in more than 60k views for the band. The main audience came from Mexico, which makes sense given the significant number of expats and English-speaking individuals living there in recent years, such as digital nomads and expats.

The main search terms that triggered the YouTube video were Alternative Rock, LGBTI Rock, aesthetic rock, and best new rock USA 2023, which was highly relevant for the client and attracted a significant number of new fans to the band.

The primary audience was predominantly male (68%) in the age group of 25-35 years old (79%), guiding them towards the type of content they should be promoting. This campaign also opened their eyes to a more international potential fanbase, for which they are already planning future marketing efforts.

Paid Media Ads

The paid media campaign helped strengthen the artist’s presence in his top 15 locations, where he was most popular according to his Spotify for Artists historical data. However, based on our expertise, we suggested exploring other markets that he has not previously tapped into, resulting in one of his most promising locations nowadays. The effect of this campaign is not solely based on volume, but instead on bringing in a highly engaged audience. This campaign is a perfect complement to playlisting, which in this case resulted in a significant increase in saves and adds to playlists, ultimately contributing to building a real fanbase and cultivating an audience.

Increase in daily saves


Increase in Add PLaylists