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catGRINZ is a singer songwriter from northern California, based in Los Angeles. she found her love for singing in the choir at a religious school in her younger years, as well as playing the drums as a kid. Her love for music and earliest influences began hearing her parents favorites like fleetwood mac, elton john, nirvana, frank sinatra, and sade.

Her inspiration for her current sound began in middle school & early high school days when she heard Kid Cudi, frank ocean, tyler the creator, and the weeknd for the first time. She began writing in journals as a kid, but writing became her strong suit in high school where she became very close with one of her English teachers, Mrs. Rominger, and would always do well in English class not so much in her other subjects, unless it was a creative class. lol she always had a love for music, but wanted to try not be to the black sheep while staying in a creative field. She moved to LA after she graduated high school to pursue a creative career and eventually moved to San francisco at 21 to take a step back and finish her degree at FIDM. while working other jobs on the side. She had a short stint with her fashion blog, worked as a PR assistant, worked as a styling assistant, and social media marketing executive.


After a heartbreak, she began writing songs and posting YouTube covers as a way to distract herself. catGRINZ struggled to find a producer while continuing to write honestly about her traumas, insecurities, and past heartbreak. She finally found a producer who’s style she connected with and who could record and coproduce her first single “VICES”. since releasing her last single in 2021, she attended two music classes online and the song “Highest In The Room” was actually a homework assignment for her Intro to Producing class. she knew that she didn’t need a degree to make fire music at this point, so she went on to look for a new producer to help execute her new sound, and eventual EP. She found her current executive producer, grammy nominated, Riley Urick, in August of 2022, and began working on her up coming EP “Highest In The Room”. “Highest In The Room” brings you into an ethereal yet bass heavy soundscape that exudes her raw emotion, struggles & eventually her transformation since the age of 21. The content of the EP is complimented by the cover art, that displays the new brighter version of the artist, lighting a joint for the past version of herself, representing the way in which she reminisces on her old ways, heartbreak, and how to let go.