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Charlotte Clark

Charlotte Clark has marked her debut in fine fashion releasing the stunning alt-pop debut ‘Disarray’. The record was co-penned and produced by Scott Verrill (Kwassa), and was mixed by Odd Martin (Sigrid, Aurora, Rhys Lewis). Newly stripped from her previous monika ARK, Charlotte garnered over 4.5 million streams on her 5-track strong catalog, the release is centred around poignant narrative. Charlotte explains:


“Disarray is about choosing between the hard truth of letting someone go or staying with them for the ease of comfort. It’s about giving everything and realising that your heart will never be in it, however much you want it to be. The messiness and dirtiness of attachment. A cry for help and also an empowering cry of acceptance.”


Charlotte is currently a part of Harry Styles band and has been on stage for some iconic television moments such as Saturday Night Live and Jools Holland.  She will also be joining him for his 2020 Love on Tour world tour as well. She has been back and forth between London and Bergen when not touring, living and working from a remote converted Chapel. Under the guidance of  Scott Veriill (Kwassa, Kyko) and Odd Martin, she has been crafting her newest EP ‘Warm Weather’.


Now stepping away from ARK, Charlotte’s transition is less of a reinvention, and more of a homecoming. Now embarking on her own journey, Charlotte has come full circle.