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About Clifford…

Clifford writes, performs, and produces music from his home studio. Recently, he had the good fortune to collaborate with Grammy Award winner Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey (Parliament, Mutiny), whose advisement has been priceless to him.

According to Malvika Padin from EARMILK, Clifford is a multi-faceted artist who speaks English, French, and Arabic, with twangs of rural Maryland. His musicianship embraces progress, inclusivity, and diversity, which resonates with anyone listening as he continues to rise higher in his blossoming career. in London describes Clifford as a fast-rising artist who has established his distinctive style with a string of enticing releases these last few months. He recently released a new gem called “Mariana,” which showcases his rich and driven vocal style riding a bed of genre-bending production throughout.

Victor Matheus states that Clifford is one of the great names emerging from indie pop rock, deserves all the attention and recognition of music agents, and will soon be filling arenas, concert halls, and festivals around the world. He compares Clifford to Harry Styles out of the mainstream and says that he has everything he needs to be on the people’s lips soon.

According to WWAM, Clifford’s vocals undoubtedly stand out the most from start to finish. The passion behind them is immense and what will keep listeners coming back to his sound.