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Introducing Dide, the man who balances the life of being a professional footballer alongside a releasing and performing artist. From humble beginnings, Dide has utilised his skills and now musical talent to transform the lives of himself and his loved ones. Now as an artist, Dide embodies the aspirations of generations striving to fulfil their dreams.

Dide began creating music as a hobby, a creative outlet, and a form of self-therapy to process his journey through the footballing culture that surrounded him. Having surpassed the levels of money and notoriety, he now seeks a bigger purpose: to break the stigma surrounding athletes and the public perception of their lifestyle. Through his extensive football career, Dide has faced public scrutiny, physical injuries, racism, financial exploitation, loneliness, robbery, and personal sacrifices, all of which have taken a toll on his mental health. Yet, his passion for the game remains unwavering, and his desire to grow in all directions is consistently omnipresent.