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CASE STUDY: Fox Stevenson – Love The Day

Stanley Stevenson-Byrne, better known as Fox Stevenson sits somewhere between being a club-centric music producer and heartfelt singer-songwriter.

Working outside the constraints of genre, he uses influences beyond dance music often tapping into his pop-punk upbringing. The results are songs that bridge different styles of music without truly embodying one genre or the other.


Already a well-known name within Drum & Bass circles, Fox Stevenson hired us to raise the profile for his latest release ‘Love The Day’.¬†Throughout the 6-week press campaign, Fox gained a total of 11 pieces of coverage with a combined audience size of 458k. Key highlights include CLASH Magazine, CULTR, Music Crowns and Fame Magazine to name a few. The campaign overall achieved the goal of achieving well-regarded press placement to showcase the track while improving the artists’ overall SEO rankings and providing a good foundation for future releases.