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Gil is a melodic & storytelling rapper, singer and record producer, Known for combining both rapping and singing in English and Spanish, while touching on different relatable subjects like heartbreak, feeling left out, chasing your dreams, world conflicts – Gil uses different types of sounds and beat switches throughout his songs.

Although being born in Israel, Gil left with his parents to Malaga, Spain, where he learned Spanish and spent the first 10 years of his life. Being a foreign kid in a new country inspired his multicultural side before returning to Rishon LeZion, Israel with his family in 2012.

Gil started releasing music on all platforms independently using beats he found on YouTube in 2019. In 2021, during his service in the IDF he released an EP titled “Exclamation!” and a follow-up single “Nobody’s Safe” but barely got any recognition. He decided to go on a year and a half hiatus in order to work on his debut album, “Red Roses & Purple Hearts”, independently while finishing up his service in the army. In early-mid 2023 he started gaining recognition from the underground Israeli rap scene, while releasing the singles for his highly anticipated debut album – “DGAF Anymore”, “MRE” featuring world famous Griselda rapper – Benny the Butcher and “Fuckin’ It Up”. Gil’s debut album “Red Roses & Purple Hearts” was released in October 3rd, 2023.