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Gold Casio

Gold Casio is set to entrance populations through space-age disco and electrifying visuals that leave their listeners moving their hips and singing melodies. The New-York-based crew harnesses irresistible indie-dance melodies and high-energy performances to seduce listeners into obeying the dark forces of alien disco.

Venues, mass gatherings, and unsuspecting listeners should consider themselves warned. The group’s advanced sounds blend indietronic dance rhythms and pulsing psychedelic pop, pulling from a broad spectrum of influences ranging from 80’s art pop, nu disco, electro funk, and more. With beats and rhythms that ooze Daft Punk or Justice, paired with vocals that sound like a Blondie meets Talking Heads super group, listeners are guaranteed to get these infectious melodies stuck in their heads.

First materializing in Portland, Ore., the dimension-hopping lifeforms have dominated underground stages, festivals, and clandestine launch sites, causing spontaneous and uncontrollable dancing across the nation. Since their 2018 EP “Sinners,” the group has been busy in the lab, concocting their next set of irresistible, undeniable hooks, and are now poised to take over headphones and dance floors across the country.