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Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance approaches his music with an author’s attention to detail and inclination towards elaboration.

The Oklahoma-born singer, songwriter, and pianist infuses his prose with the sort of rich narrative and metaphor you might expect from an old, dog-eared novel, yet amplified with an instinctual predisposition towards empathy. Beyond hundreds of millions of streams, sold out shows on multiple continents, widespread critical acclaim, and a fervent fanbase, he prides himself on his storytelling above all—and he really tells his story, perhaps for the first time, on his third full-length album, Palladium, released by Lowly.

Emerging in 2010, Greyson has quietly prepared to tell this story. After emerging as a viral sensation at barely 12-years-old, he formally introduced himself on 2011’s Hold On ‘til the Night. However, he realized the power of his voice with 2019’s Portraits. The single “shut up” notably generated over 80 million Spotify streams and counting followed by “yours” with 10 million Spotify streams. In between packing houses everywhere, he holed up in a Nashville studio with multiplatinum producer and songwriter Jason Reeves [Colbie Caillat, Kelly Clarkson]. With Jason as Executive Producer, they picked up where they left off on the Trophies standouts “O Violet” and “Clothes.”

Greyson’s new studio album “Palladium” is set to release September 22nd.