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Jéermain (aka Joseph Sakyi Annobil Jr.) is an Afro indie and bedroom pop musician with a lot to say. 
 Formerly known as Jeermain. He is venturing on with a slight identity shift to focus on his true love- soft, heartfelt alternative music with an African base that typically demands a second listen. 
 He speaks of love, pain, harmattan, and rain. Expect lo fi and great vibes, with punny lyricism and addictive melodies. 
 Despite being a procrastinated millennial, Jéermain is an old soul who sometimes daydreams about being born fifty years earlier. And, as if all this isn’t pretentious enough, he also makes fashion choices that causes his managers to scratch their heads. Check them out on his socials, where he post visuals and the occasional misinterpreted meme. 
 Ps. He loves his mom. 
 The End.