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Jupiter Grey

Jupiter Grey is a singer-songwriter hailing from southwest London. Starting at the tender age of five, singing in church, Jupiter Grey developed his sound having being inspired by the sound of synthesizers, futuristic ambient sounds of the eighties, and the modern raw edge of nineties hip hop. Blending these sounds with soul, indie rock, and pop he created an experimental R&B sound to his music.

Just like a few other artists creating this sound, Jupiter Grey’s mission is to bring this sound to the mainstream and introduce a new audience to the development of R&B. Also inspired by high fashion and Japanese anime, Jupiter intends to show the world who he is by displaying these two inspirations and how these two cultural elements inspire his image and brand identity. As well as expressing these components further through his autobiographical lyrical content.

Jupiter’s plans for this year are to release new music from his debut project and to continue to push the boundaries of British R&B to become a new age R&B visionary.